Saturday, February 8, 2020

Study Framework Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Study Framework - Research Paper Example This essay stresses that  it is crystal clear that, other than the definition of pain, the theoretical framework fails to describe and define the concepts of interest. Concepts of interest are symbolic or image representation of abstract ideas. They are major components of theories thus conveys the abstract ideas within the theories.  The author just uses the several concepts such as touch and pain, stimuli, impulses, neurons, pathways, responsivity, synapse, innocuous, neurons, intensity, skin, noxious among others.From this paper it is clear that  the framework presents the relationships among the concepts and such relationships include: Firstly, specialized sense organs encode pain and touch stimuli. Secondly, impulses for every modality travel along distinct pathways. Impulses project to pain and touch centers in the brain. Intensity affects pathways for stimuli because the number of impulses that are present in neurons determines the intensity of a stimulus. Also, low leve ls of activity encode innocuous stimuli while high level of activity encodes noxious stimuli. Somatic sense organs are responsive to a wide range of stimulus intensities. Finally, different sense organs tend to have distinct levels of responsivity to stimuli. The patter of activity or a population code of neurons encodes the location and modality of the stimulus.  The map or model of the framework is provided for clarity. The review provides a diagram and a conceptual framework for each of the four most influential theories of pain perception.

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